Flaky Tests and Breaking Builds?

Sick of Flaky Tests and Breaking Builds?

Is your build system and CI struggling? Configuration problems? Perhaps you’ve got a stack of broken tests, an intermittently working build and never enough time to fix it? Maybe you even have scripts everywhere and you have no idea what they are used for anymore?

Would you love to have more insight into your development (DORA) metrics but have no clear path or no spare time to implement them?

It happens. Your platform grows, people come and go and there’s not always time to keep up with the important housekeeping. This has an impact on the supportability of your product and the ability of your team to effectively release and maintain your software.

Get Moving Again

Your build system is the heart of your product delivery mechanism. If your CI is inconsistent then your product quality is going to eventually suffer.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could start with a clean sheet? Green tests, code coverage metrics, proper dashboards, ability to truly be consistent and predictable.

The CI/CD Overhaul

Just like a 100,000 mile service for your car, your CI/CD pipelines sometimes need a lot more time and care than you can spare for them. This is where my one-stop shop CI/CD overhaul service comes in.

I’ll review your pipelines and your build procedure. I can centralise and secure your scripts and ensure that they are reliable, reusable and available when you need them across your environments. I’ll analyse your broken test situation, fix them where possible and provide recommendations for your planning to take you forward. Finally, I’ll get you on the path to getting consistent metrics from your build, test and deployment systems.

Whatever build tools you use: Azure Devops, github actions, gitlab, Jenkins, TeamCity etc. Need recommendations on how to organise your backlogs and connect them to reporting tools? No problem.

And more…

I’m also happy to advise on what you can do next to better deploy and maintain the delivery pipeline for your software product.

All of these services are available on request. Prices start from EUR7500 excl BTW/VAT for a one-off analysis.

Got your attention?

Feel free to book a free 20 minute no-obligation initial discussion or ping me a message on LinkedIn.