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Creativity in Software Engineering

How to get DevOps Insights You Can Trust

Throughout my career, I’ve built engineering toolchains to help software development teams deliver higher quality software, more quickly, with less fuss. I’ve also worked hard to improve feature throughput with pragmatic application of (Agile) project management. Many of the engineering leaders I’ve worked with have realised the importance of tooling, but few have the luxury …

Waterfall vs Agile Doesn't Matter

Agile vs Waterfall Doesn’t Matter: The Three Degrees of Perfect Projects

We are in a post Waterfall, post Agile world. So where does that leave us with our software and IT projects? Agile started as a reaction to the Waterfall methodology. Waterfall said that software needed to be built from specification, tested to specification, released to specification. However Waterfall was always some kind of ideal which never truly …