Automation for the Nation

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Need more convincing? Here’s a few snippets from “Automation for the Nation” to whet your appetite:

There’s nothing wrong with your business right?

Yes you could do with some time, a couple of more customers, or a bit more of a break in the busy periods, or some help, but you are busy the whole time so it must be good right? If so then why are you reading this book? Because things aren’t perhaps going as well as you want them to? Perhaps you’re not making enough money consistently yet? The good days are great but there’s not enough of them? Perhaps you’ve plateaued with the number of customers you have. But perhaps you don’t even know yet, it’s more of a feeling than a fact?


Running a business is hard work. Understanding how you can change your posture to growth in your business is invaluable. This may mean that you have to change your products or services as you grow, or perhaps you need to expand and change your systems to handle growth. You may decide to pivot your business and take one aspect from your current offerings to focus on. This could take you in a completely new direction. Your staff (if you have any), your systems and your processes must be able to react quickly to this.


How can you turn your passion into a viable business? What I’ve set out in this book is how we can turn that passion that creates the service or product, into a sustainable, growing business through use of selective automation and technology without breaking the bank.

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