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Are You Still Ignoring the Cloud?

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is twenty years old (well, officially the version we use today is only 16 years old … but the name is 20). We are two decades into public cloud and the confusion is still real. But why?

What does “going to the cloud” mean? And what skills do we need to work with it effectively?

Cloud means a large amount of IT compute and network services, many different things, but all things that we can buy right now with a credit card and start deploying straight away.

So the power of public cloud, is immediacy. Your business can grow, can change, can scale without having to wait for someone to raise a purchase order for a piece of hardware, or wait for a third party to get back to us about when they can rack it, or network it, or install it with software.

Public Cloud has revolutionised how the world does business because it allows for flexibility, speed and control.

Of course, because we are in the driving seat, we need to have the skills to be able to work with it. Networking, system administration, configuration management, security, compliance, identity and access management, plus many more concerns become ours, and only ours, to be responsible for.

While is sounds scary, a few people with the right skills can stand up and run and entire organisations IT infrastructure without every having to leave their cloud console.

So, what are you waiting for? Another twenty years to pass or is time to hop on?