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Anything That You Need To Avoid

Following on for my challenge yesterday, I’ve been listening to the Modern CTO Podcast and in particular to this amazing episode with Brendan Wovchko where he talks about “How To Have Hard Conversations In The Workplace” (i.e. performance conversations) with your teams.

About personal growth and leadership (starting around 24 minutes):

“Anything that you have the tendency to avoid, needs to become the first and only priority for you”

Additionally Brendan talks about:

“The emotional maturity and growth you need to go through as a leader.”

And having a:

“Positive association with discomfort.”

“If you aspire to be a great leader in technology, you almost need to be better at people stuff than the next person”

Good stuff and some great role play too.

While the whole episode delivers wonderful tips on leadership, there are also some interesting tips on money management too.